The arrival of spring means warmer weather is finally on its way! This also means it’s time to start thinking about lawn care for homeowners. A lovely lawn blends in with the rest of the yard and completes the overall look. Mowing the grass, fertilizing with lawn fertilizer, and dealing with bare patches, unsightly weeds, and moss is part of a spring lawn care routine.

A simple spring lawn care practice will give you a lawn to be proud of, keep it in tip-top shape, and make you the go-to person for your friends and neighbours to look for lawn care advice.

Thus said, here are some tips to get your lawn in shape for the spring season:

Begin your spring cleaning by inspecting your yard thoroughly. Look for any twigs or branches that are broken or damaged and prune them or hire an expert to remove them. You’ll need to clean up your yard first before doing anything else. If you have snow piles, spread them out to assist in melting and keep the grass from becoming suffocated. Remove any dead leaves, pine cones, or grass using a rake with considerable effort.

Once every few years, test your soil to ensure the proper pH balance and nutrient combination. You can generally have your soil tested at a local agricultural extension office in your state or ask a lawn care or landscape specialist.

The nutrition requirements of your soil conditions should guide your decision on whether or not to fertilize.

Pre-emergent weed management for weeds like crabgrass is best applied in the spring. Many other insects, such as grubs, mosquitoes, ticks, can harm your grass in the spring but can be handled more efficiently later in the summer.

Up to a quarter of the grass in the lawn can die each year, and more after a particularly cold and wet winter. ‘Overseeding,’ which involves spreading new grass seed into an existing lawn, can revitalize and revive it. Overseeding improves the beauty of the lawn and reduces weed and moss invasion by increasing the density of the grass.

Spring lawn care is one of the most important aspects of homeownership. A healthy, lush lawn can really enhance the appearance of your property, and it’s also an excellent place for kids and pets to play. The above are the few things you can do in the spring to make sure your lawn is looking its best.

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